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Scott’s 3rd book is currently in progess!

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“The Tarot is a book, disguised as a pack of cards.”
~ Paul Foster Case

About Scott

Scott Martin has written , Bringing the Tarot to Life, Embody the Cards Through Creative Exploration which won “Best Mass Market Book of the Year in 2017 for Innovation and Insight,” by The Tarosophists Association. He also wrote The Silent Doorkeeper, The Alchemical Tarot Shines a Light on Covid-19. He is currently working on his third book.

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“Scott Martin’s groundbreaking book, Bringing the Tarot to Life, is a magical mix of tarot and theater. Scott’s expertise in both these arenas is further enhanced by his love of teaching, and his sense of adventure and fun. If you’re looking for a way to freshen up your tarot practice, or a new cast of characters to enliven your theater games, you can’t do better than this book!”
Ruth Ann && Wald Amberstone
The Tarot School

“Ingenious and wildly entertaining for either individuals or groups! Whether you’re a budding tarot novice or a lifetime tarot enthusiast, Bringing the Tarot to Life is perfect for experiential fun and pushing the reader to the learning limits of tarot! Author Scott Martin has merged a lifetime of theater and tarot, brilliantly fusing the two into a playful teaching tool that is fun and
meaningful. Loaded with brilliant improvisational ideas, imaginative play and inventive experiences, these creative exercises allow the reader to truly bring the tarot to life!”
Donnaleigh de LaRosa
Beyond Worlds Radio

The Silent Doorkeeper is an amazing book. I was lucky enough to see an advanced copy and was knocked out by it. Besides that, it engages with a vital subject, literally life and death, it’s also a brilliant way to dive deeply into a deck. It can be used with a deck you admire and like but want to understand better, or your all time favorite, and you want to go deeper with it. Basically it’s a 78 card reading done over 78 days, all on the same subject (and, of course, you would do it with a subject of importance to you–for those who write fiction it would make a great structure for a novel). I should also mention that it’s not just a smart idea, Scott writes beautifully, and with deep feeling.
Rachel Pollack


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The Fours

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New Worlds of Body, Mind and Spirit Sine 1901 – Breathing New Life into Tarot We’ve all heard the expression, “Everything old is new again!”

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Contemplating the Majors

Tarot Meditations 0-The Fool Free to be me Envisioning a limitless future Allowing myself to be supported To act from a place of wise naïveté

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