New Directions in Tarot book cover

“The Artist” card designed by James Boyle

New Directions in Tarot

Decoding the Tarot Illustrations of Pamel Colman Smith

Scott Martin’s new book, New Directions in TarotDecoding the Tarot Illustrations of Pamela Colman Smith, will be available soon!

“I’ve been waiting for this book for so long! It presents a truly original and mind-bending way to read the RWS tarot that could only be accomplished by someone as knowledgeable about theatre as Scott Martin.”
~ Mary K Greer

Bringing the Tarot to Life front cover
Back cover of book Bringing the Tarot to Life

Brining the Tarot to Life

For many readers, tarot cards reveal their deepest wisdom through creative interaction. Bringing the Tarot to Life shows how to use theater games and acting techniques to gain new insights into the cards. With more than fifty imaginative exercises to be practiced alone or with a group, this book unlocks your intuitions and helps you experience the cards from the inside out.

You may also purchase Bringing the Tarot to Life by contacting Scott Martin. Inquire about wholesale prices for 10 or more copies.

The Silent Doorkeeper front cover
Back cover of The Silent Doorkeeper book

The Silent Doorkeeper

“I’ve pre-ordered! Can’t wait. This is so unique and so important. It is just amazing how Scott managed to focus so intently on something so important to all of us, not just now, but in any situation which is so compelling and potentially so destructive and creative.”
~ Judith Zoe Matoff

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