Pile of Tarot Cards

Contemplating the Majors

Tarot Meditations

0-The Fool

  1. Free to be me
  2. Envisioning a limitless future
  3. Allowing myself to be supported
  4. To act from a place of wise naïveté
  5. Let go of the need to control
  6. Break free of the mold of boring routine and conformity
  7. Seek adventure in travel
  8. To live more spontaneously
  9. Take risks in relationships
  10. Let go of guards and defenses tat keep me separate from people and the world around me
  11. See the glass as half full
  12. Connect more purposely with the higher power
  13. Wok on trust-trust the process
  14. Be open to playfulness
  15. Dress with colorful flair
  16. To think outside the box
  17. Trip the light fantastic
  18. Great expectations
  19. Unencumbered
  20. Unafraid
  21. Uninhibited
  22. Knowing without thought

I-The Magician

  1. To ask for what I want
  2. To stand up inside my own power
  3. To take the bull by the horns
  4. To experience my power by giving it away in the service of others
  5. To face life head on
  6. To remind myself, over and over, that I have the tools I need for an actualized and fulfilled life
  7.  To translate abstract thinking to tangible results
  8.  Move from “can do” to “will do”
  9.  “Physician, heal thyself!”
  10.  Focus
  11.  Lesson: Don’t get so caught up in your intuitive nature that you have difficulty living in the day-to-day world.

II-The High Priestess

  1. Self contained
  2. Aloof, private
  3. “Tightly wrapped”
  4. Cool
  5. Insulated
  6. Alone and content
  7. Secretive
  8. Trustworthy, patient, a good listener
  9. A deep, quiet sense of knowing; psychic
  10. Restraint, keeps beliefs quietly to herself
  11. Spiritual
  12. Advisor
  13. Passive
  14. Don’t expect her to call you, but she’ll be thee for you when you need her.
  15. Her early relationship with parents: love understood, but not expressed

III-The Empress

  1. To feel comfortable in your own skin
  2. Putting yourself out there in the world
  3. To nurture and protect
  4. To give blessing
  5. To be sexually aggressive
  6. Parental permission to allow child to grow
  7. Content
  8. Discreet flirtation
  9. Vanity without showiness
  10. She stops and smells the roses, digs her toes in the sand, enjoys a walk in the woods, a spring rain.

IV-The Emperor

  1. Conceals his true nature beneath the cloak of his authority
  2. Fair but uncompromising decisions
  3. Wise, logical problem solver
  4. His presence alone reminds you that he is in charge; leadership
  5. Solid, grounded, rigid, controlling, stubborn
  6. Always looking for what’s wrong
  7. Out of touch with feelings
  8. Gives form and structure to your life
  9. Sees reality clearly
  10. Takes on responsibility gladly-no victim here
  11. Everything “by the book;” follow the rules
  12. A “take charge” kind of person
  13. The best kind of authority does not look like aggression.

V-The Hierophant

  1. Pontificating
  2. Giving to others behind the safety net of position
  3. A position of respect
  4. Your blessings are uplifting
  5. Relates to others only through position, otherwise, impersonal
  6. In conflict, takes the high ground
  7. Hidden passions
  8. Intolerance to others who differ from your point of view
  9. Blind faith
  10. Traditional, ritual, ceremony
  11. Seeking a “guru”

VI-The Lovers

  1. Protection
  2. A blessing
  3. Sex as an expression of love
  4. Open to intimacy
  5. Being greater than the obstacle in a relationship; making it work
  6. Secure
  7. Looking for a higher power when a relationship is in trouble: counseling from the church, marriage/relationship counselor, psychologist/psychiatrist

VII-The Chariot

  1. Leaving behind what didn’t work in the past
  2. Giving over to a higher power
  3. The need to be centered
  4. Looking at a problem head on
  5. Moving from the complexities of big city life to a more comfortable, manageable environment
  6. Keeping the demons at bay


  1. Let the lion roar!
  2. Lighten up on control.
  3. Feel comfortable with gentleness.
  4. Welcome touch.
  5. Reach out to others.
  6. Give more attention to the needs of others.
  7. Cooperation; meeting in the middle
  8. Controlling through love, not force
  9. Taming our fear. (Lion’s tail between legs=fear; surrender to the process)
  10. Pride, strength, sexuality

XXI-The World

  1. 1. At one with the world
  2. Happiness inside the box
  3. The joy and satisfaction of performing
  4. Enjoying the limelight; being the center of attention
  5. All’s right with the world.
  6. Perfect balance
  7. Lack of interest in material things
  8. Accomplishment
  9. Completion
  10. Liberation
  11. Uninhibited
  12. World tour
  13. Portal to new dimension or understanding
  14. Protected
  15. Womb to tomb
  16. Living in someone else’s definition

“The Venetian Tarot”, designed by Eugene Vinitski”