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Scott Recognized in Tarot Tips Newsletter

II am honored to be recognized in the April 2021 “Tarot Tips” Newsletter! Thank you, Ruth Ann and Wald Amberstone!

By Ruth Ann Amberstone

It is said of parents and teachers that they should never play favorites. And even though we dearly love all our students, we’re going to break this rule and say that Scott Martin is among our favorites. He came to us as a tarot neophyte, and we have watched him grow to become an accomplished reader and presenter, published tarot author, and an expert in his own right. A consummate student, he is always learning and still joins our classes from time to time. Scott has also been an invaluable member of the Readers Studio staff.

Having spent much of his adult career teaching theatre (in its many aspects), playwriting and directing, Scott drew upon that knowledge when writing his first book, Bringing the Tarot to Life, Embody the Cards through Creative Exploration. This ground-breaking approach to tarot shows how to use theatre games and acting techniques to gain new insights into the cards, and the Tarosophists Association awarded it Best Mass Market Book of the Year for Innovation and Insight.

Scott has broken new ground again with his new book, The Silent Doorkeeper: The Alchemical Tarot Shines a Light on Covid-19. For 78 days at the beginning of the pandemic, he drew a different card from Robert M. Place’s classic deck to guide him during this exceptional time of crisis. The book also contains full-color illustrations of all the cards.

The student has become the teacher.
Here is what two of Scott’s teachers have to say about his new work:

“There is so much tarot in the world these days that a piece of sparkling and invaluable originality in this field is a true rarity. Scott Martin has created just such a rarity. He shows us how easy it is to answer any question with any card from any deck, even one that’s unfamiliar. This book is a must-read, not only because of its revelatory technique, but because this 78-card reading with Robert M. Place’s landmark Alchemical Tarot is on a subject of central importance to the whole world today.”
~ Wald Amberstone

“This should be an instant Tarot classic. Seriously. A simple yet deep way to get to know a deck, and to explore an intense and powerful subject, with a 78-day reading that comes down, finally, with a feeling of destiny, to a single card. Brilliant.”
~ Rachel Pollack

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