The Judgement Spread

3 Tarot cards against colorful red background

Each of the seventy-eight cards in a Tarot deck is active in all of us at one time or another. At various junctures, one card appears more active than another, and then that is what we notice as it manifests in behavior. Let’s say that all the cards are “Houses,” The House of Strength for […]

The Fours

Woman in field of red grass

I’d like to begin by acknowledging all of my teachers who have brought me to the understanding I have of Tarot today. I began my studies at The Tarot School in NYC with Wald and Ruth Ann Amberstone. I have also taken classes and participated in seminars and classes that were conducted by Rachel Pollack, […]

The Strong Silent Type

Darkly lit Tarot cards on purple cloth

One of the qualities I admire most in a person can best be described as one who is quietly effective. The reward comes from doing the job and doing it well. No other praise, accolades or recognition is necessary to experience a sense of fulfillment. That is one of the qualities I see when I […]


10 Tarot Cards

New Worlds of Body, Mind and Spirit Sine 1901 – Breathing New Life into Tarot We’ve all heard the expression, “Everything old is new again!” It certainly has been true in the world of fashion, art, music, architectural design, and more. The same can be said about the history of tarot. Tarot did not begin as […]

Contemplating the Majors

Pile of Tarot Cards

Tarot Meditations 0-The Fool Free to be me Envisioning a limitless future Allowing myself to be supported To act from a place of wise naïveté Let go of the need to control Break free of the mold of boring routine and conformity Seek adventure in travel To live more spontaneously Take risks in relationships Let […]